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Daily Schedule and Grading Policy

First Grade Schedule

8:00-9:50         Language Arts

9:50-10:35       Specials

10:48-11:18     Lunch

11:18-11:35     Read Aloud

11:35-12:00     Recess

12:00-1:35       Math

1:35-2:00         Recess

2:00-2:05         Snack

2:05-2:55         Science/Social Studies

2:55-3:20        Tutoring and Enrichment

Monday’s schedule will differ slightly due to Maker Space rotation.

Grading Policy

ELA 70% daily 30% tests

Math 70% daily 30% tests

Science 100% daily

Social Studies 100% daily

Handwriting Letter grade (E,S,N, U)

If a student fails an assignment, they will be retaught the lesson and given a second attempt at the assignment.  The highest possible grade on this second attempt is a 70.  If the second attempt is below 70, they will receive the lower grade.

Homework Policy

HW (daily) folder goes home Monday-Thursday nights to practice anything we need to work on. (sight words, reading, math)

Graded papers and graded work goes home in red folders.

AR policy: We check out books from the library and we encourage independent reading as much as possible.

We introduce what AR is and allow students to take tests if they are ready as the year progresses. We do not require a points goal in 1st grade.


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