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Bosqueville ISD
7636 Rock Creek Road
Waco, Texas 76708
Phone: 254-757-3113
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David Anderson
Anderson, David
Middle School Teacher
david.anderson@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Angela Antis
Antis, Angela
High School Teacher
angela.antis@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
James Beeson
Beeson, James
james.beeson@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Belinda Benton
Benton, Belinda
Elementary Aide
belinda.benton@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Shawn Bird
Bird, Shawn
Elementary School Teacher
shawn.bird@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Laura Bolt
Bolt, Laura
First Grade Teacher
laura.bolt@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Rachel Braugh
Braugh, Rachel
Elementary School Teacher
rachel.braugh@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Travis Braugh
Braugh, Travis
High School Teacher
travis.braugh@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Kelly Bray
Bray, Kelly
Elementary Principal
kelly.bray@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Debra Brown
Brown, Debra
High School Teacher
debra.brown@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Rebecca Bruner
Bruner, Rebecca
Rebecca Bruner
rebecca.bruner@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Tommy Burris
Burris, Tommy
High School Teacher
tommy.burris@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Rachel Carter
Carter, Rachel
Technology Director
rachel.carter@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Jennifer Chaudion
Chaudion, Jennifer
Elementary Teacher
jennifer.chaudion@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Dena Chavez
Chavez, Dena
dena.chavez@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Doris Chmielewski
Chmielewski, Doris
Support Staff
doris.chmielewski@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Amanda Compo
Compo, Amanda
Middle School Teacher
amanda.compo@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Laurie Craig
Craig, Laurie
Elementary School Teacher
laurie.craig@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Anna Criss
Criss, Anna
Support Staff
anna.criss@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Cherie Cummings
Cummings, Cherie
Cherie Cummings
cherie.cummings@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Jason Cummings
Cummings, Jason
Jason Cummings
jason.cummings@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Susan Dominguez
Dominguez, Susan
Elementary School Teacher
susan.dominguez@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Penny Eary
Eary, Penny
District Nurse
penny.eary@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Ashley Ehirim
Ehirim, Ashley
Middle School Teacher
ashley.ehirim@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Addie Ferrell
Ferrell, Addie
High School Teacher
addie.ferrell@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Mike Finnell
Finnell, Mike
Mike Finnell
mike.finnell@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Heather Fulmer
Fulmer, Heather
Heather Fulmer
heather.fulmer@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Lisa Gjelsten
Gjelsten, Lisa
Elementary School Secretary
lisa.gjelsten@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Jason Hancock
Hancock, Jason
Network Admin
jason.hancock@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
David Harper
Harper, David
Elementary Teacher
david.harper@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Sharon Hawes
Hawes, Sharon
Middle School Teacher
sharon.hawes@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Cliff Heath
Heath, Cliff
High School Principal
cliff.heath@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Tyler Holcomb
Holcomb, Tyler
Middle School Teacher
tyler.holcomb@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Dawn Holmes
Holmes, Dawn
Elementary Counselor
dawn.holmes@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Amanda Jackson
Jackson, Amanda
Amanda Jackson
amanda.jackson@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Monica James
James, Monica
Elementary School Teacher
monica.james@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Kelli Jones
Jones, Kelli
Middle School Teacher
kelli.jones@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Tim Kelso
Kelso, Tim
High School Teacher
tim.kelso@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Brian Krienke
Krienke, Brian
High School Teacher
brian.krienke@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Elcia Krumnow
Krumnow, Elcia
Pre-K Teacher
elicia.krumnow@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Michael Lamere
Lamere, Michael
michael.lamere@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Cherish Lloyd
Lloyd, Cherish
Cherish Lloyd
cherish.lloyd@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Victoria McCoy
McCoy, Victoria
Support Staff
victoria.mccoy@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Steve Meyer
Meyer, Steve
Maintenance Director
steve.meyer@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Christle Middleton
Middleton, Christle
Art Teacher
christle.middleton@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Lisa Moncus
Moncus, Lisa
lisa.moncus@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Chris Montez
Montez, Chris
Elementary School Teacher
chris.montez@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Mary Lou Mynar
Mynar, Mary Lou
Food Services Director
marylou.mynar@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Judy Nunn
Nunn, Judy
judy.nunn@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Kelly Nunn
Nunn, Kelly
High School Teacher
kelly.nunn@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Elaine Parry Parry, Elaine
High School Teacher
elaine.parry@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Selina Plank
Plank, Selina
Special Education Secretary
selina.plank@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Robin Prause
Prause, Robin
First Grade Teacher
robin.prause@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Ann Price
Price, Ann
High School Teacher
ann.price@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Daisy Ramirez
Ramirez, Daisy
2nd Grade Teacher
daisy.ramirez@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Amy Reed Reed, Amy
amy.reed@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Jennifer Riggs
Riggs, Jennifer
Special Education Director/Section 504 Coordinator
jennifer.riggs@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Natasha Rodriguez
Rodriguez, Natasha
Elementary Aide
natasha.rodriguez@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Kim Schwarz
Schwarz, Kim
District Librarian
kim.schwarz@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Gregory Serrato Serrato, Gregory
High School Teacher
gregory.serrato@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
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