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Welcome to Math

Welcome to 5th Grade Math!


Dear Parents,

First of all,thank you for sharing your child with me!  I have listed some things that should be helpful to you and your child in my 5th Grade math class.


Math Facts:

In order for students to be successful in more rigorous math, they must know their multiplication facts.  Please make sure that you continue to study every night.  I will be giving fact quizzes in multiplication this semester.  Those quizzes are either basic fact quizzes or completing a multiplication chart.  Next semester, I will test over division facts. is just one great website for extra practice.  Please study with them…. make it fun!  The more practice they have, the more prepared they will be for long division as well as fractions.


Problem Solving:

UNWRAP is a strategy that will enhance their math test taking skills.  So many times, students get frustrated because they don’t even know how/where to start.  UNWRAP gives them the tools that they need to tackle any problem with confidence.  They are expected to follow these strategies on their math word problems.



It is due at 8:00 for all classes.  Homework not turned in will result in the student missing recess to work on it. My philosophy in math is:  the more you practice, the better you get at those skills.   Math homework is practice.  I only take a completion grade because I believe that if students know there isn’t a grade tied to practice, they are more likely to try.  We go over math homework before we start the lesson, too.   I only take one homework grade per six weeks.  They may not have written homework every night, but should study facts.  They should have all of their assignments written in their planner and homework in their homework folder.


Daily Work:

All daily work will be completed here at school.  This accounts for 60% of your child’s math grade.  I only give daily assignments when I feel like a majority of the students know the skill being taught.  This means that I only take 2-3 daily grades per week.



All tests and quizzes are 40% of your child’s math grade.  There will be 3-4 quizzes each six weeks along with at least 2 topic tests.


Conference Time:  

Monday - Thursday from 12:50-1:35.   Our school number is (254) 752-6002.  My email is  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.