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5th Grade Grading Policy


Fifth Grade Grading Policy


60% Daily work (which includes 10% homework)


40% Quizzes and Tests


Graded papers will go home in red folders every Monday.  If we are out, papers will go home on Tuesday.


How to correct a daily assignment with a grade below 70

  • corrections can be made on one daily assignment per subject per week
  • corrections must be in RED ink on the original graded assignment 
  • corrections must be correct to bring the failing grade up to a 70
  • corrections must be turned in by Friday of the week that it went home in the red folder



How to retake a test with a grade below a 70

  • retests may only be taken one time per six weeks per subject for up to a 70
  • the original test must be returned signed and with a note requesting a retest by the Wednesday of the same week that it went home in the red folder
  • retests will be given at school during the student’s PE/Art and might take more than one day