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Welcome to my online classroom.

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Ways to Study for a Math Test:
1. Make sure you don't have any missing work. Log in to pearsonrealize (Geometry) and mathxlforschool (PreCalculus and Calculus) and look for assignments not started or in progress.
2. Do assignments on time, including reflections.
3. Check Google Classroom, Remind and class website
4. Ask to redo assignments below 70 (even Math XL).
5. Make sure you understand how to set up problems.
6. Make sure you know how to do problems you missed (or even got right).
7. Make sure you know how to use the calculator functions related to the topic, and make sure your calculator and chromebook are charged.
8. Organize notes, make a study sheet, try the review again or extra review.
9. Make sure your answers are reasonable.
10. Come to tutoring for individual help.


Supply List for Mr. Krienke’s classes (to last all year)
Packages of mechanical pencils (#2 lead)
Packages of blue or black pens
Wite-Out® Quick-Dry Correction Fluid or Wite-Out Tape
Wide-ruled or college-ruled notebook paper (no spirals)
Folder or 3 ring binder 

Turn in 1 Kleenex box per student for extra credit.

The student is responsible for the calculator and book issued to him / her, and any damages.

“I understand if I lose a calculator or electronics (misplacement, theft, etc.) or render it inoperable (through misuse, abuse, negligence, etc.) I will be charged for its replacement."
For TI-Nspire calculators, $140.00, Cover $5, Charger $10
Books – if checked out by a student and not returned:
$89.47 Algebra 1
$89.47 Geometry
$89.47 Algebra 2
$194.97 PreCalculus
$185.97 Math Models
$173.97 AQR
$222.90 Calculus


Classroom Rules

  1. Follow directions the first time they are given without question
  2. Pay attention in class and participate in class activities
  3. Be respectfulpreparedresponsiblepositive​

10 Ways to be a Great Student
1. Come to school every day
2. Have your supplies ready
3. Keep your materials organized
4. Pay attention in class
5. Complete assignments on time
6. Follow directions
7. Ask for help when you need it
8. Participate in class activities
9. Follow all school rules
​10. Always do your best

ACT Math Tutoring Videos:
SAT Math Tutoring Videos:

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Passport to Advanced Mathematics

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

Additional Topics in Math

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