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Cliff Heath Profile

Welcome to Bosqueville High School

We would like to welcome you to Bosqueville High School.  We are committed to partnering with parents, staff, and the community to create and sustain a safe and nurturing environment where students are eager and ready to learn, graduating from high school ready for careers and post-secondary education.  

We exist to educate children to receive their maximum potential in life and make a meaningul impact in the future by ensuring that students will be successful, productive adults.  

Our mission is motivate students to pursue higher education and prepare for the workforce and equip them well to choose the most suitable option for them.  We will cultivate an expectation for mastery of a challenging, stimulating, and relevant curriculum.  We will instill all students with integrity, honor, and a healthy and sustained work ethic, preparing them for leadership roles.  We ensure that teachers and administrators are prepared, informed, and dedicated to perfecting their professional abilities for the ultimate success of every student.