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New Dress Code for 2021-2022

Posted Date: 06/23/2021

New Dress Code for 2021-2022

Bosqueville ISD

 (Dress Code for 2021-2022 School Year)


The district prohibits any clothing or grooming that in the administration’s judgement may reasonably be expected to cause disruption of or interference with normal school operations. This prohibition includes clothing, accessories, or body art that is lewd, may represent gang symbols, offensive, racist, vulgar, or obscene or advertises or depicts tobacco products, vaping products, weapons of any kind, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other substance that is illegal.


General Guidelines:

  • Shoes must be worn at all times. House shoes/slippers, cleated shoes, or any shoes that could mark up or damage floor coverings are not allowed.
  • Caps, hats, visors, and sunglasses are not to be worn inside the campus buildings.
  • Hair color or style may not cause a disruption to the learning environment. Hairstyles must not obstruct the student’s vision or a view of the student’s face.
  • Shorts, dresses, and skirts must be at least mid-thigh in length.
  • Holes or slits in garments must be located at or below mid-thigh.
  • Pants, jeans, and shorts must be worn at the waist (no sagging).
  • Sleeveless shirts must cover at least three (3) inches of the top of the shoulder. No halter tops, midriffs, or tube tops are allowed. No see through shirts are allowed unless they are worn over an undergarment that meets dress code.
  • Tights, leggings, yoga pants, spandex may only be worn with a shirt, skirt, dress or shorts that cover the student’s front and back (rear end/bottom).
  • Jackets or coats must not be longer than mid-thigh in length.
  • Tattoos or fake tattoos must be covered while attending school.
  • Piercing for the ear(s) is allowed. Any other visible body piercings including gauges, are not allowed.
  • Facial hair is not allowed.

Campus Administrator’s will be the final authority concerning dress code violations. Students who are considered to be in violation of the dress code will be advised by a campus administrator and given an opportunity to comply. While waiting to correct a dress code violation, the student may wait in the office, or could be placed into in-school suspension until the problem is corrected. Repeated offenses may result in further consequences.


Approved June 21, 2021