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Bosqueville ISD
7636 Rock Creek Road
Waco, Texas 76708
Phone: 254-757-3113
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William Shaw Shaw, William
High School Teacher
william.shaw@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Tabatha Sik
Sik, Tabatha
Elementary Teacher
tabatha.sik@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Kera Silver Silver, Kera
Elementary Teacher
kera.silver@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Ginger Singleton
Singleton, Ginger
Elementary Aide
ginger.singleton@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
James Skeeler
Skeeler, James
james.skeeler@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Cory Stanford
Stanford, Cory
Middle School Teacher
cory.stanford@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Jessica Stone
Stone, Jessica
High School Secretary
jessica.stone@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Lorin Sulak
Sulak, Lorin
3rd Grade Teacher
lorin.sulak@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Pamela Sumpter
Sumpter, Pamela
Elementary Teacher
pamela.sumpter@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Delores Sutton Sutton, Delores
Instructional Aide
delores.sutton@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD
Heather Sutton
Sutton, Heather
Middle School Teacher
heather.sutton@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Alison Swartz
Swartz, Alison
PreK Teacher
alison.swartz@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Chanda Taylor
Taylor, Chanda
Chanda Taylor
chanda.taylor@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Niki Taylor
Taylor, Niki
Middle School Teacher
niki.taylor@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Melissa Teal
Teal, Melissa
Administrative Assistant
melissa.teal@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Chris Thornton
Thornton, Chris
Math Middle School
chris.thornton@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Kristi Tidmore
Tidmore, Kristi
Elementary School Teacher
kristi.tidmore@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Desiree Toombs
Toombs, Desiree
Desiree Toombs
desiree.toombs@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Brian Vasek
Vasek, Brian
Secondary Assistant Principal
brian.vasek@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Carol Veselka
Veselka, Carol
Elementary School Teacher
carol.veselka@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Aimee Welle
Welle, Aimee
High School Teacher
aimee.welle@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Julie Willis
Willis, Julie
FCS Teacher
julie.willis@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Clint Zander
Zander, Clint
Athletic Director
clint.zander@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
Carmen Zobava
Zobava, Carmen
Spanish Teacher
carmen.zobava@bosquevilleisd.orgBosqueville ISD View Website
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